DAFNI™ and its related entities and authorised distributors have an obligation to protect the DAFNI™ brand name and product.  The DAFNI™ brand name, logo and product are legally protected through registered and pending trade marks, registered and pending patents and associated State and Federal Government Legislation or Acts, including the Copyright Act. 

These include the following registered and enforceable rights:

  • Granted and Certified Australian Patent 2016100042; and
  • Registered Australian Trade Mark 1716367.

In the event that there is misuse of trade marks, patents or copyright or where the DAFNI™ brand name and images are used either without authority or inappropriately, we must take reasonable and appropriate action on behalf of all stakeholders up to and including the use of rights that we are offered through Legislation and Acts within Australia. 

As such the registered trade mark and patent rights protecting the DAFNI™ brand name and product will be vigorously enforced against any infringement.